Posted by: Truth and Consequences 101 | June 14, 2013

The Liberal Hypocrite: Nancy Pelosi’s “intrinsic value” model

The Liberal Hypocrite: Nancy Pelosi’s “intrinsic value” model

In the link above, Nancy Pelosi can’t articulate a distinction between Kermit Gosnell’s butchery of infants and pre-born children, and late term abortions. But more evident is her acknowledgment that her five children have value and Gosnell’s victims and other late-term abortion victims do not.

Pelosi obfuscates her beliefs by deploying the “politics” shield. Like most pro-death abortion supporters, Pelosi justifies the murder of the unborn by her underlying presumption that the child’s value is determined by the mother, and not by any inherent value the child has as a human being made in the image of God. Although she parrots her “devotion” to the Roman Catholic Church and claims her beliefs are “sacred,” and therefore not open for discussion, she “bobs and weaves” because she recognizes how out of step she is with RCC theology and policy regarding the divinely intrinsic value of human life.

Pelosi’s children have value simply because Pelosi gives it to them; therefore the intrinsic value of her children is determined by Pelosi, and no one else. If she (or any woman contemplating the murder of her child) determines the child has no value, because giving birth will infringe on Pelosi’s self-value, then the child is sacrificed on the altar of Pelosi’s narcissism.

This is classic liberal ideology. The self-love generation rebels against the notion of a transcendent Creator who created the human race in His divine image (though they are now horribly marred by sin), and that a person (pre-born or mature, handicapped or elderly) derives value from his Creator, not the birther. Though I am no fan of the Roman Catholic Church or its semi-Pelagian theology, even they get this right.

Pelosi’s hypocrisy comes from her professed respect for the RCC and purported practice of its beliefs. Like all hypocrites, she mouths one thing and practices another. She is an idolator, a violator of the second commandment, for she has made a god in her own image. But she’s not having that conversation because of her own agenda.



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