Posted by: Truth and Consequences 101 | May 27, 2013

Christian, do you hate America?


To my Christian brothers, who this day (and other days we set aside to honor our nation) disavow their allegiance to America, and decry her wickedness and proclaim God’s judgments against her, I pose the following question:

Were God to answer our prayers and grace our labors so that revival would break out across our land, from sea to sea; that another “great awakening” would grip our country, and in a single generation, righteousness would be “restored” to us; that the courts would “again” honor our LORD and Savior; that the people would cry out to God for His mercy, and all the evils that now plague us would be rebuked and set aside, and His commandments and His word and His Son would once “again” be the rule of law;

Would you love America again? Would you give her your earthly allegiance and rejoice in the great liberties you enjoy as a result of God favoring you with placing you here, rather than in another nation not so blessed?

If so, then you are a fickle lover. Your “love” is conditional, your loyalty is contingent; you are, in fact, disloyal and unfaithful. And in your apparent eagerness to facilitate Christ’s return, you look to the headlines for your hermeneutic and not to the Scriptures that command us to “honor the emperor” and “be subject to the governing authorities.”

Do you imagine that George Whitefield, whose spirit we so frequently invoke in our gospel efforts, hated England? Do you imagine that his labors were tainted by ill-will toward the nation in which almighty God had placed him, and which provided him the liberty to proclaim Christ to thousands gathered in the fields? Do you imagine that England as a nation in the early 18th century was less corrupt than America is in the 21st? Only in degrees, my brothers.

A casual reading of Hosea reminds us that the LORD loved Israel, and while He chastened that people, His love remained for her. And whether you believe or not that God has loved America, can you seriously deny for a moment the tremendous blessings we have enjoyed, and still enjoy, as the result of the LORD placing us here in her midst?

The prophets cried for their nation. They wept that she would be restored, and their sorrow motivated them to proclaim God’s holiness and justice to the people, in the hope that God would restore them, as a nation, to the place of His favor. But is there any doubt that Isaiah loved Israel, and was loyal to her? Or Jeremiah, or Ezekiel, or Daniel, or Ezra, or Nehemiah?

I urge you to repent of your antipathy toward America. The truth is that there was never a time that a nation, any nation, fully honored God with all its heart, soul, mind and strength. There has never been a time that a nation was not filled with fallen men, sinners for whom Christ died while they were His enemies. And while America is sick, perhaps unto death, with the weight of the tremendous evils our leaders have permitted (with our support), yet we enjoy the most permissive liberties of any of the nations of the world, and that most precious liberty, to proclaim Christ to the nations of the world.

This Memorial Day we honor those fellow citizens who paid with their lives for the freedom you and I take advantage of to express our love for the Savior of mankind. And I will plant a flag in my yard, and express my earthly allegiance to the nation God has placed me in, and continue to pray in faith that God will answer our prayers and reward our labors with revival, that another “great awakening” would grip our nation, and that Christ would be proclaimed throughout the world as a result.

May God, in His infinite mercy and grace, bless our great nation.



  1. Great article, Mark.

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