Posted by: Truth and Consequences 101 | May 24, 2013

Daughter of Apostasy Preaches Christ


Bobby McCreery joined me last night as we preached at Clematis by Night in downtown West Palm Beach. I appreciate so much this beloved brother, who was raised here and still has family here. As this picture depicts, the weather was near perfect – clear skies and a full moon, with palm trees stirred by a slight breeze; the quintessential Florida evening.

While we had several gospel conversations, we encountered resistance both from passersby, and from a woman who crossed the street to tell us we were “bothering” her and her son as they were having dinner outside a restaurant.

She complained that her son could hear our preaching as they ate dinner. “I don’t want him to hear all this crap,” she said.

“Really?” I answered. I told her she was privileged to hear the gospel herself, and her only hope of salvation was to repent of her sin and turn to Christ.

“I come from a family of ministers,” she claimed. “I’ve heard all this before.”

I replied that she, then, of all people, should rejoice in hearing the gospel proclaimed and Jesus exalted! After all, her family had labored for generations in the gospel. I continued to preach, and she began a conversation with Bobby, who was standing nearby handing out tracts.

She disclosed to him that her “family of ministers” were actually part of a liberal, apostate denomination, and that they would “be offended” to hear the gospel presented in public.

No doubt.

She returned to her table, and I could see her complaining to her table mates. It dawned on me that she was evidence of the power of the gospel: “That in every way, whether in pretense (or hostility) or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice.” What a privilege we enjoy to still be able to proclaim Christ publicly, that all may hear Him exalted, that His word still shines as a light in this dark and wicked generation! This woman, a daughter of apostasy, was doing the work of the Lord, albeit unwittingly.

On this day, the Boy Scouts of America, a bastion of morality committed to training up young boys to be “brave, clean and reverent,” folded to the pressure of the homosexual activists. Yet, “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it.” So the gospel will continue to go forth in power, transforming children of wrath into children of God. While the culture continues its breakneck plunge into wickedness, our Creator is still sending forth His word, displaying His love and mercy in His crucified and risen Son.



  1. Amen brother, a good word

  2. Thanks for sharing, you made good points.

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